(Trauma Informed Mind Body Program)

Join Emily Peterson, Jennifer Harvey, and Elizabeth Heller  for the next installment of women's only TIMBo this February.

This program runs on Tuesdays, February 6th, 2018 through June 5th, 2018 from 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (18 sessions, 3 absences are allowed). Click HERE to enroll.



TIMBo combines simple yoga-like movements, relaxation breathing, guided meditation, and a workbook-based approach to explore and better understand the impact of emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, and grief. Research has shown that upon completion of one full TIMBo program, participants’ symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma (PTSD) are significantly lower. Not only this, but women score significantly higher on a measure of self-compassion after participation in the program as compared to before.

TIMBo facilitates personal growth that will help participants navigate life’s tensions through:
  • improved behavioral self-regulation through mindfulness
  • a self-compassionate understanding of human survival responses
  • social-emotional growth that promotes compassionate attunement to the self and to others
  • strengthening the sense of self and promoting confidence in relationships
  • developing a resilient worldview that enables participants to interact with life’s problems with composure and confidence

This program runs for eighteen weekly sessions, the first of which is an orientation.

Total non-refundable cost of the program is $450, plus an additional $15 for the workbook.


Please read this document before you sign up. You will be asked to sign a responsibility agreement before starting the program.


Co-led by Emily Peterson, Jennifer Harvey, and Elizabeth Heller. This session meets Tuesdays 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Start date will be February 6th and will run for 18 weeks ending June 5th.


Check out this video for more information about Emily's experience with TIMBo and personal path of healing.





Emily Peterson
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Emily is a certified 500-hour yoga instructor, Usui Reiki Master, and licensed TIMBo facilitator and trainer. Formerly a competitive athlete, she began practicing yoga to manage chronic pain from injuries more than 15 years ago. While yoga was instrumental in her physical healing, Emily also discovered the power of yoga for practicing mindful acceptance. Emily's practice helped her learn to tolerate emotional discomfort and stop struggling to change the present moment, thus opening up space for healing. For Emily, yoga offered an important meditative practice and the experience of a safe connection to her body, which were transformative and led to personal healing from an eating disorder, depression, and trauma.

Emily has facilitated TIMBo groups both online and in person and has been an integral part of the TIMBo training team for the last year.

Emily holds a B.A. in Applied Psychology from University of Illinois-Chicago, where she began studying Buddhism and mindfulness, which are central to her life and to yoga.

For more information on healing and wellness through Reiki, Yoga, and TIMBo, visit emilypetersonwellness.com.

Jennifer Harvey
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Jennifer Harvey took part in the inaugural TIMBo Training in 2012, and completed most of her training in Haiti. Since then, she has been a co-facilitator in many TIMBo programs and trainings, in both the U.S. and Kenya. 

Jennifer is the owner of Laughing Dog Yoga Studio in Wellesley, MA. Prior to opening her studio, she worked for many years as a licensed psychotherapist. She has extensive training in mind-body practices (including yoga, Nia, and meditation), the treatment of trauma, and positive psychology. For Jennifer, the TIMBo program combines the key elements for healing and empowerment in a way that is rich in its simplicity, practicality, and wisdom. Each session, each group, and each participant bears witness to the strength, compassion, and resilience within each and every one of us. 

Elizabeth Heller


Elizabeth Heller was regularly practicing Tae Kwo Do alongside her four-year-old son when she took her first yoga class as a favor to another mom.  Hooked, she continued to practice yoga at home as a form of centering, which transformed her martial arts practice. After an ACL tear, yoga became a source of both physical and emotional healing for Elizabeth. It was then that she fell in love with its transformative power: her life, spirit, and body had never felt more peaceful, vibrant, and energized.

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