Paint Your Practice

This class is taught by:

Izzy Van Hall

Every time Izzy steps on her mat it's an experiment, an opportunity to learn something, weather it be finding her edge, breaking through habitual thought patterns, finding a moment of stillness, an exhale perhaps a surrender and release.

Growing up Izzy was a relentless athlete, with years of National competition in Rowing, Track and Field, and Gymnastics. She pushed her body and mind to the limits. Gifted with a mother who knew she'd need a little extra TLC she attended her first Yoga class in 2004. In 2007 Izzy invested in her first Yoga teacher training with Gopi Kinnicutt. Since then she has studied with both International and Local teachers such as Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Bonnie Argo, Jenny Sauer-Klein, Jason Nemer, Lynne Begier, Chanel Luck , Ana Forest, Jennifer Reis, and more.

Izzy's Classes are base on the premiss of loving the way your body moves. She strives to teach from a place of self empowerment from the ground up. She believes stability leads to the possibility of trying things you may never have thought possible. The poses will flow from one to the next inviting embodiment throughout the transitions.

In 2007 Izzy found a flyer for an AcroYoga workshop in NYC. It took her three hours to drive there and less then a minute to know the practice would be part rest of her life. She became a globe trotting student of these three practices, yoga, acrobatics, and the healing arts. Her local and international studies have taken Izzy across the United States, Europe, and all the way to Southeast of Asia. Devoting herself to the path of becoming a certified teacher, Izzy graduated Kripalu's 500hr Massage Program (Mass LMT), and the Thai Massage Circus Intensive. She finally became an AcroYoga Teacher in 2011.

Paint Your Practice
with Izzy VanHall
Saturday, December 2nd (7:00 – 8:30 p.m.)
Cost: $65 ($60 by 11/25/17)
Daily life is often the greatest barrier to creation. We become absorbed in routines and the samskara of habitual living. Sometimes we need community to create. Paint Your Practice was designed to help remove common obstacles to creativity, such as a lack of space, materials, community, time, and inspiration. All you have to do for this creative class is bring your body and an open mind; Izzy will provide the space, materials, yoga practice, prompts, support, and community. Together we'll make a space that's inspiring, warm, and full of collaboration. Throughout practice, we’ll explore the layers of emotions, aesthetics, kinesthetics, heart, breath, and brush. You do not have to be an "artist" or a "yogi" to participate—you just have to be willing to explore, and open to possibilities.
This two-hour workshop will begin just like a regular yoga class, with breathwork and movements to warm up the body. Students will then be led through and build upon a simple sequence that almost anyone can do, with the idea that repetition creates confidence. Once we have created a meditation in motion, then the paint gets involved!
Be sure to bring an extra set of clothing to wear after class. As we move, you will want to be wearing white or clothing you don't care about. When its all said and done, students are welcome to cut out their piece of canvas and take it home.
To see Paint Your Practice in action, check out this video at
All workshops are non-refundable.

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