What's Up Dog?

This class is taught by:

Laura Ahrens

Laura Ahrens reluctantly tried yoga in 2009, and was surprised by her almost immediate dedication to the practice. She received a 200-hour certification in vinyasa in 2011. Shortly after, she was captivated by the deeply connected and core-centric practice of Forrest Yoga and went on to complete the Foundation and Advanced Teacher Trainings with creator Ana Forrest and year-long mentorship with Dr. Heidi Sormaz. She also holds a BFA from The University of the Arts.


Laura’s current work is a melding together all of the different truths of moving and living through the yogic tradition that she has had the privilege of learning. Her teaching is more of an approach to practice than style-focused. Laura works with attention to an individual's physical and emotional starting points to empower ownership of one's practice.


Passionate about connection, her teaching is fueled by depth of breath, strong connection to core, precision of alignment, and commitment to the internal and somatic work necessary for personal evolution. Laura emphasizes quality of movement, and is adamant about process. She is inspired by intentional transitions and warrior-like, functional movement.


Laura is most interested in teaching others to be discerning practitioners who synthesize information through their own specific circumstances. In that spirit, she co-created The New School of Yogic Arts, a 200-hour yoga teacher training for those who want to teach the practice of yoga as a living system that breathes differently in each body.

What’s Up Dog?
with Laura Ahrens
Saturday, October 6 (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.)

In case you were wondering, the comma was intentionally left out of this workshop title. What’s Up Dog isn’t just a cool way to greet your friend. Upward facing dog is so often misunderstood in practice that, as we dive deeper into our practice, we inevitably bump up against the question, “What’s Up Dog?”

Prepare to answer that question through a practice of small-but-tricky backbends that will include opening your thoracic (upper/rib-bound) spine, shoulder stability work, lumbar (lower) spine stability (and its BFF, core work), and wrist strengthening. And, of course, we’ll take a big old look at how to practice upward facing dog in a way that is architecturally and anatomically sound and can invite the feeling of strength and openness that the pose offers when it’s well aligned.

Cost: $25

All workshops are non-refundable.


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