Whole Body Nurture

This class is taught by:

Gerard Samson

Gerry Samson’s relationship with yoga has been an evolving and life-altering experience. Gerry rowed through college and devoted much of his body and time to the sport. Weight lifting and long training hours left his body broken down, and aches and pains developed, which followed him beyond college graduation. He began attending occasional community classes, but yoga felt contentious at first; the asana practice of yoga seemed out of reach for his body. However, as Gerry’s body began to accept his asana practice and he began to reap its benefits, yoga became a necessary part of his life. This love lead him to Ame Wren’s teacher training at Boston Yoga School, where he completed his 200-hour certification.


Gerry graduated with a B.A. in psychology and philosophy, and throughout college worked with children of various educational needs. When he graduated, he sought to keep working with children with special needs. During the day, he is a behavioral therapist for children with autism at a small special education school. He has found that yoga helps his students focus better throughout their day, and gives them an opportunity for body exploration that they don’t get in a regular school day. Just as yoga helped bring Gerry comfort in his own body, he hopes that by sharing yoga with kids and encouraging their own exploration of movement, they can become comfortable and confident in themselves.


Gerry aims to teach well-aligned postures throughout a thoughtful vinyasa sequence. He likes to take his time in his practice, exploring new movements and ways to experience a pose. His yoga is influenced by his teachers Ame Wren, Peter Crowley, and Nicole Clark, who are constantly changing his yoga experience.

Whole Body Nurture
with Gerard Samson
Friday, September 21 (7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.)

When the power of touch is applied to yoga, we give our bodies the gift of connection to the universal flow of energy. In this workshop you are invited to relish in deeply restorative and nourishing poses that support, release, and soothe tension in the body. Your practice will be enhanced by the assists of two precise and intuitive hands-on bodyworkers. These nurturing and knowledgeable assists will invite deeper relaxation and open energy pathways in the body so that you leave feeling awakened, peaceful, and restored. Embark on a journey for yourself to your Self.


Cost: $35


All workshops are non-refundable.

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