Core Flow

This class is taught by:

Dan Steel

Dan Steel first discovered yoga when he walked into a free class on a whim while still in college. Having a background in martial arts and gymnastics, Dan was immediately drawn to the physically demanding aspects of the practice. Not long after establishing a regular asana practice he began to recognize its potential for healing and self-discovery. Dan believes that strength, flexibility, and balance cultivated in the body can be reflected in the mind.

Dan teaches with the philosophy that every time one steps onto the yoga mat, the opportunity exists for growth and greater understanding of the self, both physically and spiritually. The more we come to understand ourselves, the more we can act in accordance with our true nature, instead of living in repression and inauthenticity.

Dan has studied extensively with Ana Forrest, completing both the 200-hour Foundational and Advanced trainings, as well as a 200-hour vinyasa training through Back Bay Yoga in Boston. He has also studied Budokon yoga with Cameron Shayne and is working toward his certification in that style. In his classes Dan strives to offer a platform upon which students can explore and develop a heightened sense of body awareness.

A vinyasa class drawing from the Forrest practice to heat up the core and bring alignment and awareness to your asana postures. Forrest yoga focuses on activating the core to become strong and centered; intentional and focused breathing to oxygenate the body and engage the senses; and creative and intelligent asana sequencing to invigorate the body and nourish the spirit. All bodies and all levels are welcome.