Gratitude Flow

This class is taught by:

Tiffany Ely O'Connell

Tiffany has always been drawn to the expression of spirit through movement. At a young age it was through dance, which she made into a career but then “retired” at just twenty-three. She then found herself in the travel industry where, following a lay-off, Tiffany stumbled upon yoga in her local gym. What she found changed the course of her life. There was an emotional ease on the mat that Tiffany had never felt before. Her years of suffering from anxiety, eating disorders, and panic attacks all felt like they just dissipated. Years later, in 2009, Tiffany opened herself up to what yoga had to offer besides just the physical experience on the mat, and completed her first RYT certification at South Boston Yoga. In 2012 she continued her studies with Kelly Morris, the founder of Conquering Lion Yoga in New York City. Tiffany is also certified through ACE in Group Fitness and has been teaching in the health and wellness field since 2003. In her classes, Tiffany emphasizes breath and alignment along with one's instinctual expression, and encourages non-judgment while attempting to infuse some humor.
Tiffany is so grateful to all of her teachers and students, who inspire her teachings and remind her every day that she is and always will be both. Her hope is that students uncover yoga as more than just asana. Yoga cultivates an awareness of yourself as an individual being that is intimately connected to the universe, and the teachings you experience on the mat will permeate into the rest of your life off the mat ... and, of course, vice-versa.

Gratitude Flow

with Tiffany Ely O'Connell

$20 Donation to Brookline Emergency Food Pantry


While the pies are set out to cool before the family arrives, roll out your mat and get down to the real business of Thanksgiving: gratitude. This fun and playful class is designed to get you moving, twisting, feeling, and breathing before the holiday indulgence begins. Gratitude Flow will combine energetic asanas with fluid breath, invoking a sense of grace with a smooth and steady pace. We will open and close class with a special meditation to cultivate gratitude for our lives as they are. Walk into your Thanksgiving celebration grounded, renewed, and joyful after marinating in your gratitude with the CCY community.

$20 suggested donation (proceeds to benefit Brookline Emergency Food Pantry). Membership and class cards do not apply. All sales are final. Workshops are non-refundable.

Feel Good, Do Good!


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  • Thu Nov 23 9:15 am - 10:45 am with Tiffany Ely O'Connell