Brittany Flaherty

Brittany has always found joy, peace, and clarity in movement. After years of team sports and running, she turned to yoga to address injuries and instantly felt at home. Yoga has allowed Brittany to rebuild the strength and mobility necessary to enjoy running again, a gift for which she is endlessly grateful. She finds the quiet, non-competitive nature of yoga to be the perfect source of balance for her intense November Project workouts and trail runs.


Hoping to share the practice with others, Brittany completed her 200-hour teacher training at Back Bay Yoga and has been teaching yoga for athletes and runners ever since. She is deeply grateful to her teachers for their guidance and inspiration, particularly Cara Gilman, Caitlyn Graham Visconte, Ryan Cunningham, & Goldie Graham.


Brittany’s goal is to help her students explore their strength and discover a place of ease, empowering them to bring more focus, grace, and even humor to their athletic pursuits and daily lives. She teaches accessible and playful classes that reflect her knowledge of the human body and positive outlook on life. Her background in biology and career as a science writer fuels her passion for yoga, which she believes to be a powerful form of preventative medicine and a tremendous catalyst for healing. As a cancer survivor, she also hopes to encourage those who have experienced illness or injury to connect with their bodies and build their spiritual, mental, and physical strength.

Brittany Flaherty instructs the following:
  • Yoga for Athletes
  • Looking to take your training to the next level? In this yoga class designed for athletes you will learn useful tools to further your training and compliment your existing athletic endeavors. We will use yoga to improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, mindfulness and determination, resulting in better performance in your sport pursuits, a cleared mind and an overall transformation in how you can use yoga as a tool to provide success everywhere else in your training, and in life.