Kristen Sweeney

Kristen loves using yoga as a tool to help students achieve personal transformation. She received her 200-hour vinyasa and her hot yoga certifications from Yoga to the People in NYC, and trained in prenatal yoga with Juliana Mitchell of Living Now Yoga, also in New York. As a prenatal teacher, she is honored to share space with women on the incredible journey of creating and giving birth. Kristen's classes offer alignment-based, breath-focused instruction, incorporating the dualities of structure/freedom and comfort/challenge. She also loves helping students integrate the lessons and wisdom of the yoga practice on a broader scale into a personal "practice of living." Kristen is also a life coach, an actor, and a writer.

Kristen Sweeney instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • Vinyasa Yoga is a vigorous yoga class that moves through poses with the pace of your breath. The class is designed for all levels with modifications offered to take the class at your own level and ability on any given day. The sequence of each class will build towards a challenging peak pose(s) to stimulate both the beginner and advanced practitioner as well as the kid at heart. This class will be sweaty and fun and will challenge students of all levels.

  • FUNdamentals
  • New to yoga, or looking to get back to the basics? Yoga FUNdamentals provides both the beginning student and the seasoned practitioner a place to focus on common postures and transitions, that lay the foundation for Hatha yoga. Classes will focus on alignment and will include imaginative strength building exercises to prepare the muscles for the intensity of the major yoga asanas included in a vinyasa flow class. Expect clear instruction and individual assistance, as well as music to keep the environment light and playful. You don't need to be able to touch your toes in this class… all you need is an open mind & heart.

  • Peaceful Practice: A Restorative Prenatal Yoga Workshop
  • Peaceful Practice: A Restorative Prenatal Yoga Workshop
    with Kristen Sweeney
    Friday, October 26 (7:30 - 9:30 p.m.)



    This evening of restful, restorative prenatal postures and guided meditation is specially designed for prenatal students. Together, we will enjoy a peaceful practice that fosters connection between mom and baby.


    Attendees will enjoy several static, supported restorative asanas combined with intermittent guided meditations and calming breathing techniques. The goal of this relaxing evening is to find a more peaceful way of being that will help mothers-to-be through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This will include poses that allow for comfortable rest, and breathing techniques that can be used anytime, including throughout labor. Most importantly, this workshop will provide students with the opportunity to truly unplug from the outside world and connect with their own bodies in a deeply restorative and meaningful way. Postnatal students are also welcome.


    About Kristen Sweeney
    Kristen Sweeney is an experienced teacher in prenatal and postnatal yoga, and has trained with Juliana Mitchell in New York City and Bec Conant in Boston. She loves helping women through all four “trimesters” of their pregnancy journey, and has seen firsthand how valuable a yoga practice can be before, during, and after a baby’s arrival. In her classes, Kristen encourages students to find the balance between strength and softness, and to use the tools of awareness and acceptance as a means to facing the uncertainty and continuous changes of pregnancy.


    Cost: $30 / $25 by October 19


    All workshops are non-refundable.

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga is geared toward expecting moms and will offer a safe yoga class during this time of tremendous change in the body. This class will offer a workout, focus and connection on breath for relaxation, as well as support and community during this exciting time for expecting moms. Please - women only.

  • Expresso Flow
  • For those who are short on time but not on intention, this class is for you! Expresso Flow covers all the basics, but doesn’t miss a beat. This class is all-levels, but some yoga experience is highly recommended, especially familiarity with sun salutations. We will move at an upbeat breath pace, so come prepared to move, build up heat, and feel complete in this express flow.

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