Mandy Slavik

Mandy Slavik instructs the following:
  • Mom and Baby Yoga (6 weeks - non-walking, 4-week series)
  • This post-natal class focuses on helping new moms regain core strength and relieve, stretch, and strengthen tired arms, backs, and shoulders. All of this in a friendly, relaxed, and supportive environment.

    • Learn fun new ways to play with your baby while doing yoga poses.
    • Meet new parents in the community and share your new baby stories after class.
    • No need for a babysitter while you exercise since your little one can tag along!
    • Who knows? You may even sneak in a 5-minute savasana!

    This class is 60 minutes long and participants are encouraged to stay after to meet and chat with other new moms or dads and share their "war" stories.

    We totally understand that babies have sporadic schedules. Please feel free to come into class late or leave at any point. Baby sleeping in a car seat by your mat while you practice? Absolutely fine, too! Please bring a soft towel or blanket for your baby along with a favorite toy. Dads, partners, and caregivers are also welcome.

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga is geared toward expecting moms and will offer a safe yoga class during this time of tremendous change in the body. This class will offer a workout, focus and connection on breath for relaxation, as well as support and community during this exciting time for expecting moms. Please - women only.