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Joanna Rosenberg

From the first day Joanna stepped onto a mat in 2007, she realized she had finally come home. During a time when she was seeking healing--physical, emotional, spiritual-- Joanna found yoga to be a sacred and illuminating container for growth. Her mat became the mirror she used to relearn how to take ownership and care of her body and soul. Learning to teach through The New School of Yogic Arts remains one of the best, most fulfilling decisions she's ever made.


Joanna delights in the way yoga can be both a playground and a soft embrace, a tool to navigate spending time on this earth. When not in a studio, Joanna can be found seeking the next adventure- biking around Boston, trekking to the sea, reading, rock climbing, and traveling. In her heart she holds the warmest gratitude and love for her teachers, who continually guide her toward a path in which yoga is a living tradition both on and off the mat.

David Souza
Coolidge Corner Yoga co-founder, David Souza, has worked in the investment management space since 1999. In addition to his business degree, David has a graduate degree in statistics from Harvard University. He is an entrepreneur at heart, a loving father, and also an avid endurance athlete. David has competed in numerous triathlons ranging from sprints to full Ironman distance, in addition to multiple marathons and ultra-marathons. You will find him running, biking, and walking the streets of Brookline daily while commuting, working out, and enjoying family time.
A grateful yogi himself, David credits yoga with balancing his demanding lifestyle, giving him strength and flexibility, and creating the high level of mental toughness necessary to excel in endurance athletics. Not only that, but yoga has also provided dramatic relief to a lifelong lower back issue suffered during his teenage years motocross racing. David hopes to share his experiences on and off the mat with those in and around the Brookline community.
Matt Giordano
Yoga instructor Matt Giordano gives credit to an influential figure from his teenage years--his high school art teacher--for sparking within him the curiosity and tenacity that eventually led him to yoga. It was Eileen Walk who told Giordano: "You are not allowed to say 'I can’t.' You must rephrase to a question: 'How?'"

That inquisitive and unrelenting spirit laid the foundation for Matt to begin a devoted yoga practice. When coupled with his passion to understand the physics and subtle alignment of the body, Matt’s dharma as a teacher came into focus.

Originally from Sea Cliff, Long Island, Giordano is primarily based in Connecticut and Manhattan, where he teaches at local studios (Pure NYC, Equinox) and shows off his daring side riding motorcycles along the open road. Matt is often on the go, traveling internationally to teach yoga and perform acrobatics. Well-known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and precise action cues, Giordano is an adept guide for all-levels students at festivals, workshops and in his weekly studio classes. His study of biomechanics and integrative mind-body techniques informs his teaching, as he draws upon wisdom from traditions of yoga, martial arts (Aikido and Tae Kwan Do), acrobatics, AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage. In the end, Matt inspires a humble confidence, allowing students to find ease while expanding the edge of their comfort zones.

As Giordano helps make AcroYoga a household name, the media has taken notice; featuring him in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, Alignyo, Yoga Dork and on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael. Events the world over are allowing countless students the opportunity to practice with Matt. No one misses the action, as his growing digital content (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) has become another platform for Matt to share delight, technique and even the occasional appearance of his dog Tito, a Papillon and heart-melting super yogi.

Betty Riaz
Betty believes in embracing life and all its imperfections as a catalyst for change. Since 2009, when she transformed from fashionista to “yogaista” and co-founded Stil Studio in greater Boston, Betty has been on a mission to change her perception of the world and help others reach their greatest potential inside and out.

Her interest and trainings in Thai Massage Yoga assisting led to her create the super-luscious SPA class, as well as workshops and trainings to bring SPA love to yogis seeking a blissful experience both near and far.

Sylvie Manning
Sylvie Manning began practicing yoga in 2014 when a chance encounter with a friend from art school landed her a scholarship to a 200-hour yoga teacher training. She did not have a prior yoga practice but, overwhelmed with the direction her life had taken, Sylvie nonetheless accepted the scholarship. Once the training began Sylvie understood the power of the yogic journey and embraced the gift of the practice.
Yoga transformed the way Sylvie views herself and the world around her. She quickly found that the strength and awareness she was cultivating on the mat was also translating to her life off of the mat. She began practicing at CCY in mid-2015, and it was here that she witnessed and grasped the importance of community (sangha), belonging, family, and self-love to better serving those around her.
It is her life goal to eventually share her experience with the healing powers of yoga and art to help others live a happy, joyous, and free life.
Grace Jull
Grace Jull, MA, LMT, E-RYT 500, an advocate of embracing potential as a collaborative field of consciousness, teaches anatomy and physiology internationally. She integrates her understanding of activism, embryology, osteopathy, anatomy, aquatic massage, and yoga into a poetic, passionate, and contagious approach to life, writing, and teaching.

Since 1986, Jull has been integrating her accessible and insightful understanding of activism, embryology, osteopathy, anatomy, aquatic massage, and yoga into a teaching that ignites a deep intuitive practice that blends art and science.

A cofounder of the transformational Shakti-Initiation yoga leadership training in Bali, Indonesia, Grace Jull is adjunct faculty in various mind-body medicine programs with partners such as Harvard Rehabilitation Medicine Residency, Cirque de Soleil’s Inuit Intervention, Saybrook University’s doctorate program, and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Sara Biondello

Sara began to begrudgingly practice yoga at the prodding of a friend in 2010, but it wasn't until discovering vinyasa yoga four years later that everything started to click. After years of a less-than-balanced lifestyle, Sara learned to listen and made peace with her body rather than fighting it.


As a former athlete, Sara appreciates the role of fitness, but has come to redefine health as something greater than lifting heavy things, running laps, or eating on a diet. As Sara's yoga practice deepened, so did her interest in the exploring connection between mind, body, and living well.


The connections that started in the studio led to a path of self-discovery and a deep love of healing — physically, mentally, and emotionally, and ultimately to a career in holistic health and nutrition, followed by a yoga teacher training. Sara completed her 200-hour training in January 2016 with the New School of Yogic Arts. Sara believes that in the yoga studio, deep feeling and lighthearted fun are not mutually exclusive. She hopes her classes will bring students same sense of self-awareness she experienced in discovering yoga, especially the begrudging ones.


Sara has spent most of her career working with kids and teens in a variety of settings, from group homes to lacrosse teams, and believes that finding the kid still inside is one of the many benefits of yoga practice.

Izzy Van Hall

Every time Izzy steps on her mat it's an experiment, an opportunity to learn something, weather it be finding her edge, breaking through habitual thought patterns, finding a moment of stillness, an exhale perhaps a surrender and release.

Growing up Izzy was a relentless athlete, with years of National competition in Rowing, Track and Field, and Gymnastics. She pushed her body and mind to the limits. Gifted with a mother who knew she'd need a little extra TLC she attended her first Yoga class in 2004. In 2007 Izzy invested in her first Yoga teacher training with Gopi Kinnicutt. Since then she has studied with both International and Local teachers such as Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Bonnie Argo, Jenny Sauer-Klein, Jason Nemer, Lynne Begier, Chanel Luck , Ana Forest, Jennifer Reis, and more.

Izzy's Classes are base on the premiss of loving the way your body moves. She strives to teach from a place of self empowerment from the ground up. She believes stability leads to the possibility of trying things you may never have thought possible. The poses will flow from one to the next inviting embodiment throughout the transitions.

In 2007 Izzy found a flyer for an AcroYoga workshop in NYC. It took her three hours to drive there and less then a minute to know the practice would be part rest of her life. She became a globe trotting student of these three practices, yoga, acrobatics, and the healing arts. Her local and international studies have taken Izzy across the United States, Europe, and all the way to Southeast of Asia. Devoting herself to the path of becoming a certified teacher, Izzy graduated Kripalu's 500hr Massage Program (Mass LMT), and the Thai Massage Circus Intensive. She finally became an AcroYoga Teacher in 2011.

Elizabeth Heller
Elizabeth Heller was regularly practicing Tae Kwo Do alongside her five-year-old son when she took her first yoga class as a favor to another mom. Hooked, she continued to practice yoga at home as a form of centering, which transformed her martial arts practice. After an ACL tear, yoga became a source of both physical and emotional healing for Elizabeth. It was then that she fell in love with its transformative power: her life, spirit, and body had never felt more peaceful, vibrant, and energized. Elizabeth a member of the Coolidge Corner Yoga Kids staff. She has completed a 200-hour teacher training with the New School of Yogic Arts and profound teachers Laura Ahrens and Andrew Tanner. She has also completed a children’s yoga teacher training with her generous, inspiring teacher, Dawn Keighley, through Kidasana Kids Yoga Teacher Training, and is a certified prenatal yoga teacher through Om Births with Bec Conant. Additionally, Elizabeth is the author/co-author of eight books for and about children, and a contributing author of two parenting books. She has a BA in English and an MS in Broadcast Journalism, created a children’s sports and news program, and was a money reporter for a Boston children’s radio program. She completed eight years of Tae Kwon Do training and earned her second-degree black belt.
Kiara Segal
Kiara Segal was introduced to yoga when she was around nine years old, when her mother began to incorporate at least four sun salutations into the before bedtime ritual. Kiara was less than keen on the idea. Years later however, while attending Vassar College, she found herself slowly gravitating back towards the practice long left behind.
At a time when the biggest challenge seemed to be keeping pace with the fast rhythms of daily life, yoga offered an opportunity to slow down. It reminded her to be present, how to take in a moment for what it was, and how to not complicate that moment with what had been or what could be. This is what she hopes to share with her students: a sense of calm, joy, humility, and deep attentiveness as they move through, both on and off the mat.
Kiara received her 200-hour certification in vinyasa in 2014. She believes each of our bodies to be a celebration of life and strives to foster an atmosphere in class where sequencing can inspire joy and discovery for whomever may join.
She is very grateful for all of the love and support she has received in her life, as well as for the teachers that continue to cross her path everyday.
Taryn Marcorelle

Taryn designs her vinyasa classes to be challenging and playful with a strong emphasis on synchronizing movement with breath. She combines a balance of poses for strength and flexibility, challenging students physically while offering soft moments of reflection. Join Taryn to balance work and play, discipline and expression, and strength and softness.

Wilhelm Engelbrecht

Wilhelm Engelbrecht is both a RYT 200 yoga instructor and meditation guide. Wilhelm found his way to a yoga class in 2008 due to an injured ankle caused by a poorly placed ditch in San Diego. It did not take long before he realized that this practice was to be his avenue for learning to move, think, and breath more fully in every aspect of his life. The progression from asana to pranayama and meditation came quickly and naturally, and it is now Wilhelm’s sincere desire to bring the benefits of meditation to anyone willing to sit.


Wilhelm graduated from the inaugural class of the New School of Yogic Arts in 2016, completed meditation courses by Kelly Morrison and respected yogi Gary Kraftsow, and the Power of Awareness course with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Wilhelm is ready to bring this wisdom and his own experience to the studios of Boston. Most importantly, while balancing his job as an event manager at Harvard Medical School, Wilhelm has been able to maintain a steady and ongoing daily meditation practice for the last five years. He is keenly interested in making the practice accessible for those who live in Boston by introducing small and simple techniques to help navigate the hectic city life.

Mark Whitwell
Mark Whitwell’s lineage of yoga stems from the teachings of Professor T. Krishnamacharya (Dzthe teacher of the teachersdz), and his son TKV Desikachar. Mark studied under these masters for more than twenty years, primarily in India. He is the editor and a contributor to TKV Desikachar’s book, The Heart of Yoga,as well as the author of Yoga of Heart and Hridayasutra. Mark’s passionate teachings clarify the profound relevance of ancient wisdom to contemporary life. He is also the founder of The Heart of Yoga Peace Project, a non-profit organization launched in 1996 that provides yoga education around the world, particularly in areas of conflict, where these simple healing principles and proven techniques are desperately needed the most.
Mary Pat Reed
Mary Pat has dedicated the past twenty years of her life to working with children in a variety of settings. With a Masters degree in Early Education, Mary Pat has an exceptional understanding of childhood development. While teaching in a 2-3yr old classroom, Mary Pat completed her children's yoga teacher training. Soon after, she implemented an all ages kids yoga program at the Oxford Street Daycare Coop where she has been teaching for four years. She currently teaches at the Cambridge Preschool of the Arts. Mary Pat hopes to foster growth and exploration by leading fun and interactive yoga classes to kids of all ages!
Brigitte Arle
Brigitte started her professional career in dance in 1997 and has performed and toured with several companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. In 2003, she received her BFA in Dance from Alvin Ailey/ Fordham University. Her dedication to dance, anatomy, & movement led her to become a full time instructor. Brigitte began to train in Pilates in 1995, and has studied with first and second generation Pilates Elders. She was certified by the Kane School of Core Integration, Half Moon Pilates, and received her Pre/ Postnatal training at Erika Bloom Pilates Plus. Brigitte continues to be inspired by Pilates Elder Mary Bowen who is a great teacher/ mentor of both movement and the mind.

As young child, Brigitte found yoga and deepened her practice as a teen. She has since been certified in Integral Yoga Hatha, Integral Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, and Yoga for Labor & Delivery. She received her Therapeutic Yoga certification with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal in 2010. In addition, she is certified in Thai Yoga Massage through the Lotus Palm School and studied Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage with Jyothi Watanabe. Brigitte studied Yin Yoga at Cyndi Lee's Om Yoga Center and received her Yin Yoga certification from Corina Benner in 2011.

In 2010, Brigitte embarked on her journey to become a doula and was subsequently certified by DONA International. She joined the NYC Doula Collective and sat on their board for two for the four years she worked as a doula with them. In 2012, she went to the Farm in Tennessee to study Midwifery with Ina May Gaskin. Brigitte has had the privilege to learn from Debra Pascali Bonaro (author of Orgasmic Birth), Isa Herrera PT (author of Ending Female Pain), Erik Franklin, Pamela Hunt CPM, Tom Meyers, holistic gynecologist Eden Fromberg DO, and Penny Simkin PT(author of The Birth Partner and many other books). Brigitte is a Certified Lactation Counselor, Infant Massage Instructor, and herbalist. Witnessing labor and birth over these years has greatly influenced her approach teaching yoga. When she is not teaching she is running after her fast little toddler on the beach.


Cameron Ciccone
Growing up in Northern New Hampshire, the mountains were a playground for Cameron from a very young age. Naturally, outdoor adventure and athletics were a grounding presence. Years of competitive skiing and cycling left him frustrated with chronic pain. It was only after his sister’s suggestion to join her for a yoga class that a life changing transformation began to take place.

Cameron’s classes are fun and energetic with a strong belief in mindful movement and personal alignment. His sequencing helps to build strength and increase flexibility. Cameron believes in solid fundamentals and each class has a strong emphasis on basic alignment to develop muscle memory for new students. His main goal is to help inspire students to learn more about themselves on and off the mat.

“Finding yoga has changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. Originally I was drawn to the practice because of my physical body and soon discovered I wasn't asking myself the right questions. I want my students to get excited for class but also show them that their ability to look within for answers is a lifelong tool. Yoga can be practiced in thousands of ways. I believe in a Yoga practice that works for an individual. We all come from different stock and have different lifestyles. The variables are endless. What do I need? What don't I need? I aspire to encourage people to develop a Yoga practice that works!" <style="text-align: justify;">“My philosophy is based on mindfulness. If we practice with our mind set on surroundings, feelings, movements, breath, and thoughts we begin to cultivate an awareness of our true needs. From this place life seems to align in a way we never thought possible. Sometimes all that is needed is mindful disconnect to reset and refresh. It doesn't have to be complicated! Let's enjoy the process through a creative Asana practice."

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