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Alex Bauermeister

Alex Bauermeister is an ever-learning awareness junkie, who loves helping people find more authenticity, connection, courage, and meaning in their lives. With a focus on therapeutic and trauma-informed yoga, Alex helps clients find relief from tension, stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms to create their own healing and happiness.


Alex has accumulated over one thousand hours of training as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Kripalu and Vinyasa yoga teacher, social change activist, and group facilitator. This is complemented by lifelong apprenticeships in body-based healing and psychology. Alex's background in social justice and anti-racism work bring an understanding of power and privilege to her teaching. She strives to hold a safe space for people from many diverse backgrounds and experiences, including those who don't necessarily have a positive association with yoga and/or therapy.


In addition to teaching public yoga classes, personal growth workshops, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training programs around New England, Alex also provides students with one-on-one yoga therapy. You can get in touch with Alex at and

Kristen Sweeney
Kristen loves using yoga as a tool to help students achieve personal transformation. She received her 200-hour vinyasa and her hot yoga certifications from Yoga to the People in NYC, and trained in prenatal yoga with Juliana Mitchell of Living Now Yoga, also in New York. As a prenatal teacher, she is honored to share space with women on the incredible journey of creating and giving birth. Kristen's classes offer alignment-based, breath-focused instruction, incorporating the dualities of structure/freedom and comfort/challenge. She also loves helping students integrate the lessons and wisdom of the yoga practice on a broader scale into a personal "practice of living." Kristen is also a life coach, an actor, and a writer.
Catie Macken
From a young age, Catie Macken has loved all forms of movement. She began dancing as a child, found running post-college, and completed her first marathon in 2012. To supplement training, Catie embarked upon indoor cycling in 2011 and began teaching it in 2013.
An injury brought Catie to yoga in 2010. Little did Catie know that just two years later, she would complete her yoga teacher training. Upon obtaining her certification, Catie started teaching in the Twin Cities area part-time. During the next year, her dharma began to unfold. In 2013, Catie moved to Boston to begin a full-time career in fitness. Over the next two years, she established herself as a well-known yoga and cycling instructor. Her teaching contains a calm intensity that inspires her students to tap into their inner strength and her classes are infused with playfulness, gratitude, devotion, and laughter. Her raw authenticity and vibrant personality instantly connect her with her students and peers.
A lover of learning, Catie is constantly seeking out new mentors and pulls inspiration for her teaching from her own personal practice as a student of yoga. Catie spent much of 2016 immersing herself in the AcroYoga community and all of the communication, trust, and physical and mental strength that come with it. She has studied with and under some of the best teachers in the Acro community, and completed her Acro teacher training in Germany in August 2016.
When not in the studio, Catie lives her most inspired life through constant travel, champagne, handstands, and her amazing tribe of friends and family. Follow along on her international adventures: @catiemacken and
Raquel Marra
Raquel Marra My yoga practice is a constant search for the balance between movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, loudness and silence, inwardness and participation. All of which are juxtapositions that fuel my passion for yoga as a personal practice as well as my drive to teach what I discover. My classes are an endeavor to yoke the quiet beauty of a personal practice with the excitement of sharing the experience with a like-minded kula. My aim is to move through this life as I try to on my mat: with grace, fluidity and a strong sense of alignment. My yoga practice creates a profound sense of spaciousness in my inner landscape that I hope to convey to my students through creative flow and sweaty vinyasa.
200HR RYT, Saraswati’s Yoga Joint/MB Yoga Advanced Mentoring Program with Donna Jackson, creator of SYJ Continued Advanced Studies with Schuyler Grant, Kula Yoga Project
Daniel Krulewitch
Daniel Krulewitch began to practice yoga the day before his forty-fifth birthday. He found that yoga offered a counterbalance to his life, which included working in high tech, raising a family, and dealing with the stresses of modern life. Yoga, Daniel realized, helped him feel everything, while the rest of his life seemed as though it required him to suppress his feelings.
Daniel’s Vinyasa classes emphasize thoughtful exploration and de-emphasize the quest for perfection. He provides a safe, comfortable environment for all students, regardless of age, gender, size, or background. In his classes, Daniel guides yogis through the process of “unplugging” from the nonstop data-driven world, quieting the mind, moving and breathing in a healthful way, and maybe even sharing a laugh or two.
Amanda Nurse

Amanda Nurse recently transitioned from social work to the yoga and fitness world. Amanda loved working with her patients because of her passion for empowering others, but she also wanted to have an impact on Boston's health and fitness community.


Yoga has always been an important part of Amanda's healthy lifestyle. She is an avid proponent of practicing yoga to enhance running performance through strength, stability, flexibility and, most-importantly, mindfulness and breathing. In 2016, Amanda completed the New School of Yogic Arts' 200-hour teacher training, studying under Tatyana Souza, Goldie Graham, Andrew Tanner, and Laura Ahrens. Amanda teaches yoga to the men's and women's water polo teams at Harvard University, and recently taught Yoga for Runners classes at the Runner's World Pop-Up Store during Boston Marathon weekend. Her teaching style is informed by her knowledge of the body and how it needs to be optimized to perform at its top level in a sport. Her thoughtful sequencing includes a mix of vinyasa and restorative yoga, with a strong emphasis on stretching and finding breath through movement.

Jenn Sullivan
After working for several years as a restaurant manager, Jenn Sullivan noticed the toll her job was taking on her, both physically and mentally. She never loved going to the gym and struggled to find a consistent workout routine that felt good to her body. Years before, she had tried yoga at a local gym, but didn’t like the classes. But when CCY opened up in Jenn’s neighborhood in 2013, she decided to give yoga another try. From her first studio yoga class, she found the balance that her life had been missing. She began to appreciate the connection between the mind and body that the physical practice brings, while creating an outlet to relieve stress and anxiety. Jenn has been a devoted practitioner ever since and has enjoyed seeing the strength the practice has given her, both physically and mentally.
With a BA in psychology from Boston College, Jenn has always been intrigued by the way the mind works. Because she wanted to delve further into her practice and herself, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with the New School of Yogic Arts in January 2017, and became a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. She also completed a children’s yoga teacher training through the Kidsana Kids Yoga Teacher Training under Dawn Keighley. In her classes for both adults and children, Jenn strives to create a safe space to inspire students to use asana as a way to foster a deeper connection to their minds and bodies, both on and off the mat.

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