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Scott Troppy
Scott Troppy began practicing yoga in 1996 as a way to deal with stress and boredom of the gym. Scott received his 200-hour certification in the PranaVayu style in 2010 with David Magone. He started taking Yin yoga with Josh Summers and decided to train in that style in 2012 and later returned for YinII Training in 2015. Scott teaches an all levels Yin class for connective tissue health (ligaments, tendons, and joints) using long held poses in a mindful environment using meditation and breath.

In addition, Scott has studied with Lama Migmar Tseten, Buddhist Chaplain of Harvard University focusing on meditation. In his full time job as an infectious disease Epidemiologist for the MA Department of Public Health he enjoys a little reading and knitting socks. All levels are welcome to his class.

Maeve Rawdon

Maeve began her yoga journey in the early 2000s when she moved from her home in Ireland to the Boston area. From her very first yoga class she found an appreciation for mindful movement while also experiencing a deep feeling of peace. Attending yoga class also gave her a sense of belonging and community so far from home.


In 2012 Maeve completed her 200-hour training with Kathy Keane - Finding Inner Peace Yoga, purely for her own self-development. However, it instilled in her a love of this practice and a desire to share what she learned. She has been teaching yoga ever since. In 2014, Maeve decided to further her yoga education by completing her 500-hour training with Daniel Orlansky – Yoga Energy Flow.


Maeve specialises in prenatal yoga having gained her certification through Om Births, with additional prenatal training at Five Points Yoga. Her classes offer expectant mothers a supportive and compassionate environment where they can practice yoga under her experienced supervision, meeting each student’s individual needs. This is a special and transformative time in a woman’s life and Maeve feels grateful to be able to facilitate continued practice and guide expectant mothers through yoga. Maeve is also trained in yin yoga, meridian yoga and Thai yoga massage.

Tim Kelleher

Tim loves yoga and thinks you will too.

A steady practice helped Tim heal from years of physical and emotional trauma, reconnect with his body, focus his mind and bring a sense of joy and clarity into his daily life.
He stumbled upon a primary series at a gym in 2003 and has been on a mat ever since.

Tim instruction draws on a wide range of styles and movement modalities to create joyful, powerful flows. He believes a healthy body leads to a deeper breathe; deeper breathe leads to a quiet mind, and a quiet mind opens up a happy heart.

Tim is a EYT - 500 and has studied with Kate Greer and Nicole Clark and Schuyler Grant. He recently completed an advanced certification with Sondra Loring. Tim teaches advanced studies, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats in Boston and beyond. He is passionate about his work with the recovery community in Boston, where he leads classes and spearheads programs in residential inpatient facilities.

It is his honor to be able to share his practice with his students - to sweat and play and fly and maybe share a little peace.

Shelly Losasso

Shelly Losasso strives to inspire her students to connect to the truest, wisest part of themselves through feeling, movement, and breath. She fell in love with Forrest yoga because of the intelligent sequencing, sense of community, and the “come as you are” mentality that runs deeply through the practice. She looks forward to sharing all of this with her students through carefully crafted sequences that ask both body and feeling mind to go deeper.  


Shelly has been practicing Forrest yoga for eight years, and completed the rigorous Forrest Foundations training with Ana Forrest, the Creatrix of Forrest Yoga, in the United Kingdom. Following her foundations training, Michelle made the leap into continuing education through a mentorship with Kiki Lovelace, Forrest Yoga Guardian and owner of Interstellar Yoga, in Berkeley, California. She is a continuous student of the practice, attending workshops with Ana, practicing with a number of the Forrest Guardians, and receiving the incredible and ongoing mentorship of Cheryl Deer, her first Forrest teacher. Shelly looks forward to meeting students in one of her classes and passing on her profound love of this practice.

Jaime-Lyn Gaudet
After studying dance throughout her life, Jaime-Lyn entered her first yoga class in 2005, and immediately felt at home. Having spent several years in Southern California, and now living in the Boston area, she is grateful for how these two yoga communities have shaped both her personal practice and teaching style.

Jaime-Lyn completed her 200+ hour teacher training with Boston Yoga School, under the guidance of Ame Wren and Brenna Matthews. She is an approved Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, having studied with Checka Antifonario. She completed her prenatal and postnatal yoga training with Bec Conant at Om Births.

Both on and off the mat, she strives for balance, and this is carried into her teaching by a focus on strength and alignment, while fostering a sense of curiosity.

Outside of her yoga practice, Jaime-Lyn enjoys traveling, usually in pursuit of the next rock to climb or sunset to photograph. Oh, and ice cream.

Brittany Flaherty

Brittany has always found joy, peace, and clarity in movement. After years of team sports and running, she turned to yoga to address injuries and instantly felt at home. Yoga has allowed Brittany to rebuild the strength and mobility necessary to enjoy running again, a gift for which she is endlessly grateful. She finds the quiet, non-competitive nature of yoga to be the perfect source of balance for her intense November Project workouts and trail runs.


Hoping to share the practice with others, Brittany completed her 200-hour teacher training at Back Bay Yoga and has been teaching yoga for athletes and runners ever since. She is deeply grateful to her teachers for their guidance and inspiration, particularly Cara Gilman, Caitlyn Graham Visconte, Ryan Cunningham, & Goldie Graham.


Brittany’s goal is to help her students explore their strength and discover a place of ease, empowering them to bring more focus, grace, and even humor to their athletic pursuits and daily lives. She teaches accessible and playful classes that reflect her knowledge of the human body and positive outlook on life. Her background in biology and career as a science writer fuels her passion for yoga, which she believes to be a powerful form of preventative medicine and a tremendous catalyst for healing. As a cancer survivor, she also hopes to encourage those who have experienced illness or injury to connect with their bodies and build their spiritual, mental, and physical strength.

Chienhwe Hong
Chienhwe ("cheeyen-whoway") Hong is a professionally trained dancer and certified yoga teacher trained by Ana Forrest. She uses her extensive knowledge, wisdom, and experience of the body, breath, and movement to guide bodies into focused alignment and graceful integration. Students describe Chienhwe as "a healer of a different league" who facilitates deep transformation and healing.

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