April Yogi of the Month: Susan Howards

Susan_Howard_mediumthumbOur Manduka-sponsored April Yogi of the Month, Susan Howards, has been a familiar face around CCY since our grand opening. We’ve recently been so inspired by how she has used yoga to recover and rehabilitate from a shoulder fracture she suffered from this winter. Go, Susan!


1. Name?

 Susan Howards


2. Occupation?

I am a criminal defense and domestic violence attorney.


3. Fun fact about you?

In addition to my day job, I’m also a theatre and film actor.


4. Favorite yoga pose?



5. When not on your mat, where can you be found?

In court.


6. How long have you been practicing?

I’ve been practicing for fifteen years.


7. How has yoga affected your life?

This winter, I had the unfortunate experience of slipping on ice and fracturing my shoulder. Yoga has sped up my recovery and controlled my pain. Manduka_Logo_HighRes