May Yogi of the Month: Tom Neu

cropped TN catskillMeet CCY's May Yogi of the Month and our buddy, the very charismatic and hilarious Tom Neu. Say hello to Tom next time you see him in the studio ... and, Tom, Manduka has a very special gift with your name written all over it on its way! 


1. Name? 

J. Tom Neu


2. Occupation? 



3. Favorite yoga pose?

Bharadvajasana—a serene and beautiful pose.


4. How long have you been practicing and what's your latest yoga breakthrough? 

Six years. My recent thumb injury from a cycling spill forced me to improve my forearm balances since down dog was out of the question for months.


5. Why do you frequently wear a fishnet shirt in practice? 

Sweating makes me fidgety and distracted so I try to stay cool; wetting my hair before practice helps immensely.


6. How has yoga affected your life? 

It has introduced me to a diverse group of pleasant and happy people who share my wonder of the human body.