Yogi of the Month: Nidhi Dave

Nidhi Dave

Occupation: Pharmacist

Fun Fact: I always carry snacks on me- for emergency purposes obviously.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Wild Thing (Camatkarasana)

When not on your mat, where can you be found? Studying at a local coffee shop, trying a new recipe, exploring a new part of town, or traveling.

How long have you been practicing and what's your latest yoga breakthrough?
I started here at CCY last February. Latest breakthrough- holding wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana)!

How has yoga impacted your life?
It calms me down, at the same time it energizes me. The breath work has helped me achieve a feeling of content. Practicing regularly has also put me in a mindset of striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Meet Emily Peterson

Yin Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and TIMBO Facilitator

Many of you probably already know Emily Peterson through her yin and meditation classes here at CCY. But did you know that she is also CCY’s resident reiki practioner? We interviewed Emily this week to learn a bit more about what reiki is, how it can help you, and how Emily fuses reiki with yin yoga in her private sessions:

1) How and why do you combine reiki and yoga together in your private sessions with clients?

"Reiki and yoga are both healing, life-force-energy-based practices that, when combined, maximize healing potential.

After gaining an understanding of the client’s concerns and areas in which they would like to focus healing, I personalize a yoga and breathing sequence and thoughtfully lead the individual through the series of poses while doing reiki, and accompany him or her as various feelings and sensations arise during practice. The combination of yin and reiki provides a quiet and accepting space for individuals to mindfully experience connections between sensations in the body, emotions, and thoughts. Ultimately, this allows them to gain a greater understanding and sense of agency in their healing process.I also offer stand-alone sessions of just reiki or yin.

Basically, my process depends on:
1) what my client wants and
2) what sort of treatment is going to be most effective in helping them achieve their goals."

2) Being yogis, we can imagine what the yoga part of your sessions entails, but what exactly is reiki and how does a reiki session work?

"Reiki is a Japanese form of bodywork that moves and redirects the life force energy inherently present in all of our bodies. The end results are less stress; a reduction in anxiety and pain; increased energy; an enhanced immune system; and balanced physical, mental, and emotional states.

I begin my reiki sessions by chatting with my client for a few moments about how I can be of help, then we begin. If one offers, I never turn down a hug. For a reiki session, my client lies down on the bodywork table in comfortable clothing and relaxes and breathes while I enlist the help of the universe to facilitate the healing process. My hands will gently hold or hover over specific areas of the client’s body to direct the energy. Afterward, I’ll bring in some water and we will talk briefly about the experience and what support and tools I can offer going forward. Usually, my client is in a bit of post-reiki session haze of bliss, so I just send him or her on their way!"

3) What sort of issues do you help your clients resolve?

"People come in for a lot of different mind-body reasons. Many come in to alleviate or resolve physical pain; for support while undergoing treatment for an illness; to combat anxiety and depression; or just because they want to relax. Through the sessions, there is typically a realization that none of these things occur by themselves and that, to be healthy, we need harmony within our systems. Ultimately, my clients come to a better understanding of how storing and pushing down difficult emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, and grief impact our wellbeing and can lead to illness. Best of all, they realize how good habits create change and long-term health in their lives."

4) What sort of training did you complete?

"I am a 500-hour PranaVayu yoga Instructor and a Usui Reiki Master. I am a licensed TIMBo (Trauma Informed Mind Body Program) facilitator and trainer. I also trained with Sarah Powers to teach Yin and Mindfulness, and trained extensively with Lama Migmar Tseten, the Harvard Buddhist Chaplain. I also trained in biomechanics and therapeutics with Santosh Karmacharya. I love training!!!"
Check out this VIDEO to learn more about TIMBo and Emily’s personal experience with trauma and her recovery.

5) Do you have a favorite story or two about how you’ve been able to help clients through your work?

"I met my client Kathy when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. We started with reiki and I helped her learn visualization techniques she could use to feel calm and proactive during chemo and surgeries. As she was able, I introduced yin in with the reiki and created a safe space through which she could experience the variety of feelings that the body was releasing through the practice, as well as gently begin to open the tissues that had been so affected by the treatment. We also focused intently on breathing and mindfulness practices that were specific to the healing stage she was in. Being part of and watching Kathy’s healing process is one of the biggest gifts I have ever received.

I have also worked with many people who come in to get support relaxing and dealing with general life stress. Seeing clients who came in tense and stressed out leave relaxed and loose is such a great feeling. Ultimately, I’m excited to support anyone in whatever way I can, and that’s the beauty of what I do—these techniques can be used to solve such a wide variety of issues, big and small."

To book an appointment with Emily and to learn more about her services please visit her website HERE.