Let's Talk Nutrition!

Happy June CCY family!

As a way of welcoming the warmer temperatures, embracing the opening of local farmer's markets, and hitting the refresh button, we’re excited to start this new, recurring blog feature about food and how it relates to our yoga practice. In this column, we’ll offer tasty recipes and suggest tips for mindfully integrating healthy choices into our routine.

But how does yoga relate to nutrition? Yoga is more than just the physical asana practice—it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle that trickles down to affect all aspects of our being and all areas of our life. If you’re not yet familiar with it, the Yoga Sutras is a foundational guiding text for yogis. In this text, the ancient sage, Patanjali, systematically organizes the philosophy of yoga into 196 sutras (or threads).

In the Yoga Sutras, the eight limbs of yoga are defined. These limbs describe the different facets of the yoga practice, ultimately leading toward enlightenment. In the first limb of yoga a set of five ethical rules (known as yamas) are defined. The yama known as ahimsa, or non-harming, tells us not to harm other living things and teaches us how to make more compassionate choices when it comes to consumption. The second limb of yoga (known as niyamas) describes the five rules for creating a positive environment both inside and outside of our bodies. The niyama known as sauca, or purification, refers to taking care of our bodies and our surroundings.  As it relates to our diet, sauca means choosing foods that nourish our bodies, that are pure from additives and chemicals and that are close to the source (such as

plants), and that receive their energy directly from the sun. Our diet is one way in which we can exemplify these yamas and niyamas in our own lives off the mat. Using the sutras to guide our nutrition choices can help us use our food as a primary means of healing and/or maintaining health.

With that in mind, listed below is one of our favorite green smoothie recipes to get you started! This smoothie is a great blend of green nutrient dense leafy greens, protein packed avocados and hemp seed, as well as sweet fruits for yummy flavor.

Bon Appétit!

Green Smoothie Recipe
· 2 cored apples, with skin, cut  
  into quarters

· 5 kale leaves, snapped in half
· 1 T hemp seed
· 1 medium avocado
· 1 medium banana
· 1 cup berries of choice
· water (add last, filling blender to  
  about 2/3)

Add all ingredients to blender.
Makes sure water line is about 2/3 the way up the blender container then blend! 

         *A vitamix blender is highly recommended.  You can play around with water for    
           desired consistency.