Yogi of the Month: Tahir Hussain

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.10.00 AMName:
Tahir Hussain

Boston Police Operations support staff

Fun fact:
My wife and I love animals and especially love learning and studying about Orcas, the most beautiful, intelligent, baddest, creatures on this Earth.

Favorite yoga pose: 
The chair; for some reason my eyes light up when the teacher says it, I'm like, 'YES, something I can do well!"

When not on the matt, where I can be found?
I'm at a mosque in Roxbury a couple times a week praying and reading Quran. Otherwise, I love to cook, spend time with family, watching my beloved Boston Celtics, and just laughing.

How long have I practiced Yoga and my latest Yoga breakthrough?
I joined CCY in early October as it was a birthday gift to myself, but I began practicing it in early September from one of my neighbors. My latest breakthrough is to soften the face and eyes, to breath, and to use the side of the matt with the picture otherwise I will slip.

How has yoga impacted my life?
It's a big work in progress but I expect many, many positive impacts as I continue to practice. It's helped me strengthen my back as I've dealt with a disc issue in my back for over 20 years. It's helped fill a void in my life as I used to be an amateur boxer through USA boxing and New England Boxing and left that about 6 years ago and have missed being part of a team, of pushing myself in a sport, of trying to get that level of focus where no outside distractions can affect me. Everyday intentions before every class are the same: To absolutely work my hardest without any short cuts, to show great respect and appreciation to my teachers, to be a better person in life, and not let the stressful and negative people at work get the best of me. I expect yoga to keep impacting my life with these intentions forever, God willing. When I'm at CCY, the teachers and staff make me feel so welcome.