Name? mohammad
Mohammad Aly ElSayed

Senior Audit Associate, CPA at PwC formerly "PricewaterhouseCoopers", I transferred to PwC Boston through PwC Egypt in December 2014. I engage in performing public and private statutory audits as well as quarterly reviews of companies' annual and quarter financial statements.

Fun fact​ about you?​ 
I'm an amateur self-taught musician, I play guitar and oud (an old Middle Eastern lute-like instrument). I love flamenco music and I know a lot about flamenco music, more than a typical Spanish person would know.

Favorite yoga pose? 
Being fairly new to yoga it's hard to decide on a favorite pose yet, as I honestly like many poses, but what resonates with me the most is taking a breath for clarity in plank pose before lowering down to chaturanga (Four-Limbed Staff Pose, a.k.a. pushup) as well as tadasana (mountain pose) with palms in front of the heart as when I align myself with gravity. I feel a strong line of energy and opening flowing through my body.

When not on your mat, where can you be found? 
Hanging out with friends, listening to or playing music, reading and watching videos about yoga, meditating and talking to family and cousins overseas.

How long have you been practicing and what's your latest yoga breakthrough? I've been practicing for 6-months and 3-days to be precise:) My very first class at Sadhana was on April 1st, 2017, but I did realize right away that Yoga is a practice that I will keep doing for the rest of my life. I feel grateful and very lucky to have been introduced to Yoga in such a great studio like Sadhana, with all these wonderful teachers around. Balancing on one foot is my latest breakthrough, either in Tree Pose (vrksasana) or Chair Pose (utkatasana). In the beginning it was very hard having a fairly flat foot but through Q&As with different teachers I learned much more on how to balance and adjust my balance.

How has yoga impacted your life? In the simplest words, Yoga has changed, is changing and will keep changing my life. I lost around 30 pounds just from keeping a daily yoga practice over a period of 3 months combined with being mindful about my diet. I never thought it was possible to get more into areas and muscles in my body that I didn't even know existed. The physical aspect of yoga is just one of the countless blessings of yoga. I am eager and humble to keep learning more and more. I consider my yoga practice as my surfing board through the changes and ups and downs that we encounter in life. I keep reminding myself to bring my practice outside of the studio into real-life with the focus always on the breath.


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