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Cecelia Wheeler

Service Dog

Fun Fact?
I have two different colored eyes! 

Favorite Yoga Pose?
Savasana (Corpse pose) 

When not on your mat, where can you be found?
When not hanging out at CCY, you can find me out and about around Boston - Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and Trader Joe's are some of my favorite places to be!

How long have you been practicing and what's your latest yoga breakthrough?
I've been practicing yoga about 3 months now, and I'm currently working on mastering downward facing dog pose!

How has yoga impacted your life?
Starting yoga at CCY has brought unbelievable amounts of friendship and joy into my life; I really soak up the atmosphere of peace, calm and happiness every time I come to the studio. I'm also excited to start learning some new poses so I can practice with Tori (my dog-mom) at home, and then come in and show off my skills!