Ignite your power as a consumer!

To Celebrate the Earth and its Beings


The average t-shirt requires between 400 and 600 gallons of water to produce (that's equivalent to 10 bathtubs full of water!). The fashion industry uses 1600 chemicals in their dyeing process, only 1 percent of which have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We consume 400 percent more clothing than we did twenty years ago, and the average garment is only worn seven times before it is thrown out.


Ignite your power as a consumer!


1. Hug the earth

The fashion industry leaves behind a huge environmental footprint, from the pesticides that are used to grow materials to landfills bursting with cheap and discarded clothing. Conventional cotton requires one-third of a pound of chemicals to produce just one t-shirt. How many t-shirts does each of us have tucked away at home?


Choosing organic fibers and sustainable fabrics like bamboo and hemp can reduce carbon output and help you and your family avoid unnecessary chemicals.


2. Hug ourselves

Support the people making your clothes by choosing companies which provide sustainable and caring environments (sweatshop free!) and who pay living wages under safe conditions. Exercise your purchasing power to demonstrate to companies that humans matter more than a bottom line.


3. Hug animals

Countless animals are harmed and/or killed in the name of traditional fashion. This includes the manufacture of materials like leather, wool, and silk, and the practice of animal testing. Stock your closet with cruelty-free clothing to take care of all beings. There's no need to use animal products when plant-based clothing is so comfy and conscious.


4. Hug longer

Reducing waste and cutting back on consumerism by purchasing clothing that is made to last will make your wardrobe more sustainable and timeless. Trends come and go, but durable and carefully chosen materials, pleasing silhouettes, and classic pieces all make for a curated closet that can be smaller and last longer. Quality over quantity.


Ways to help:


*Shop local! Whenever possible, choose products that were made as close to home as you can find. This means less transportation, fresher goods, and an opportunity to support your neighbors and local economy.


*Look for key words like plant-based, local, sustainable, cruelty-free, and fair trade. These labels mean better conditions for workers, better clothing quality and safer products.


*Before purchasing something, ask if it will add quality to your life and the lives of others.

Face Behind the Desk: Dana Einhorn

Occupation: Manager of Coolidge Yoga


Fun Fact: My first yoga class (over a decade ago) was at Sadhana, what is now Coolidge Yoga South End.


Favorite Yoga pose: Ardha Chandrasana, half moon! I love the energetic feeling of all my limbs reaching in energic opposition; I feel a sense of weightlessness. It’s a challenging combination of flexibility, strength and play!


How long you have you been practicing and what’s your latest Yoga breakthrough?

I’ve been practicing since 2006. My hips are very weak and tight. Lately, I’ve found that with scaling back and leveling my hips in a pose like three legged dog or standing split (where I would love to stack my hips and be a half moon!!) I actually find more strength and space. So letting go a little to move forward has been my latest breakthrough on and off the mat.


When you’re not on the mat, where can you be found?

With my favorite being on the planet, my dog, Fred! We love getting outside. I’m also a trained chef and love to cook so I’m often in my kitchen. 


How has Yoga impacted your life?

Yoga began simply as a way to decompress from a stressful career and offset the physical strain of long distance running and being active. Coming full circle I’ve now found a way to make yoga my career and use my practice not only to offset but to compliment the other physical and mental stress we all encounter in our current environment. I’ve always found home and community on my mat wherever life has taken me and always find a sense of grounding in the teachings of yoga on and off the mat.


What do you do when not the friendly face behind the cart? I am usually adventuring in the woods somewhere. I am currently hiking all the 4000 footers in New England and have been spending much of my time in NH. If I am not outside, I can be found snuggled under a blanket with my 2 pit bulls and a lot of coffee.  Read More

The Ultimate Ayurvedic Summer Guide

With so many evanescent health perspectives out there, I’m comforted by Ayurveda’s time tested wisdom.  Like yoga, Ayurveda originates from the Vedas, classical texts from ancient India.  It is the oldest continuously practiced healthcare system in the world. Read More


What do you do when not the friendly face behind the cart? I like to travel, read, ride my bike, and play with my kitty Binx! Where are you from and what brought you to Boston? I'm originally from CT, but I lived in Los Angeles for 3 and a half years, and after moving home, I realized I missed being in a city. Boston was my next stop, and I've been here for two years! Read More

Face Behind The Desk: Natasha Sheehy

What do you do when not the friendly face behind the desk? I am an elementary school teacher in Dorchester on weekdays and play Irish music in bars around Boston on the weekend. If you ever saw anyone playing an accordion in the front room of the Burren in Somerville that was most probably me! Read More


Where are you from and how long have you been in Boston? I am originally from NYC, but spent the last few years splitting my time between Ludlow, VT and Westport, Connecticut.  I have been in Boston full time since March 2017. Read More

Top Ten Reasons to Do Yoga Teacher Training: 

You love yoga and want to know its secrets.  How come it makes everything better? Yoga teacher training is a process of transformation and self-discovery. You are ready to look at where you have come from and where you are going through a new lens. Read More


Years ago, the company I was working for sent me to a business conference in Washington D.C., which I thought would be valuable on a professional level, but offered very little in terms of personal satisfaction. But, was I wrong! During the off hours, I met the former boxing champion Muhammad Ali and his friend Howard Bingham. Read More


Where​ ​are​ ​you​ ​from​ ​and​ ​how​ ​long​ ​have​ ​you​ ​been​ ​in​ ​Boston? I'm from Westford, MA. After college we lived out in the western part of the state for a little while (the Connecticut River was just behind a line of trees in a farm field behind our home!), but eventually wondered how city living might be. I'd grown up visiting my Nana in Brookline, so Boston had a natural draw and here we are! Been here since 2014. Read More

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