CCY’s 4th Anniversary Celebration!
Sunday, October 1st (4:00 – 6:00 p.m.)
Larz Anderson Park, top of the hill (see map below)
Feel Good, Do Good: $25 suggested donation matched by CCY and donated to

Join us in celebrating CCY's fourth year with a special Vinyasa class with Tatyana Souza and Nadine Channaoui at Larz Anderson Park, featuring the live music of Garth Stevenson, all followed by a sunset picnic dinner from Whole Heart Provisions (sign up to bring a yummy plant-based desert HERE)!

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CCY is four years old! And our sister studio, Sadhana Yoga, located in the South End, joined the family one year ago! We couldn’t have done any of this without you, so come join us in celebrating all of the goodness with a special outdoor vinyasa yoga class led by Laura Ahrens and Tatyana Souza.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Larz Anderson Park in Brookline and accompanied by the beautiful and soulful melodies played by Garth Stevenson, this is sure to be a practice you won't soon forget.
Nadine will start us off flowing through a warm-up that will heighten awareness and connection to the self. In an effortless transition, Tatyana will continue and guide students through a grounding standing series that will encourage opening up to and inviting in the surrounding nature and music. Nadine will then close class with a restorative cool down and meditation. 

Feel Good, Do Good: Your $25 donation for this class will be matched and go toward Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with yourself, your community, the beauty of nature, and the mesmerizing sounds of Garth's soulful music. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this beautiful community that you’ve helped us to build.

Feel Good, Do Good.

THIS YEAR GREATERGOOD.ORG WILL BE THE RECIPIENT! is devoted to protecting the health and well-being of people (particularly women and children), pets, and the planet. GreaterGood has given over $100 million in cash and product grants to charity partners and programs worldwide that work toward their mission. Most recently they have been aiding in a huge relief effort in response to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, providing supplies for thousands of people and animals battered by two major hurricanes and catastrophic flooding here on the mainland and in the Caribbean Islands. You can check out their efforts on their website and Facebook pages. All proceeds from our anniversary celebration will be matched by CCY and donated evenly to help both human and animal hurricane relief efforts.

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Farm Sanctuary



Horizons For Homeless Children

Maple Farm Sanctuary

UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

Jennifer A Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence

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