Kid Asana Kids Yoga Teacher Training

with Dawn Keighley at Coolidge Corner Yoga

    Spring 2017: May 6th - May 7th

The weekend intensive Kid Asana Kids Yoga Teacher Training is designed for those who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training or who have a serious yoga practice and knowledge of basic asana and alignment. While Kid Asana will teach age-appropriate asana modifications, please note that basic yoga poses will not be taught so that more time can be devoted to advanced topics specifically related to children’s yoga. 

Guest faculty will join head trainer Dawn Keighley to introduce trainees to: developmental anatomy and physiology; yoga therapy for children; trauma sensitive yoga for children; and specific types of kids’ yoga, including Toddler yoga, Mommy & Me yoga, and Circus yoga.
In this training students will learn:kidsyoga

- asana modifications and considerations for children
- child-friendly mini-sequences and creative movement routines
- age-appropriate relaxation techniques, breathwork exercises, and visualization
- how to create and incorporate themes and stories into class
- yoga games and partner and group poses
- how to incorporate music and create an age-appropriate playlist
- kid-friendly poems and songs
- how to use and integrate props
- how to balance freedom and structure in class
- class setting adaptations / considerations
- age-appropriate lesson planning and sequencing
- how to incorporate songs, crafts, books, and yogic themes
- developmental anatomy and physiology
- class design and modifications for children with special needs
- behavioral classroom management techniques
- yoga for children suffering from anxiety, depression, and trauma
Students will also have the opportunity to put this information into practice. Kid Asana training will  include:

- in-training opportunities for both practice teaching and experiencing class from the child / student perspective
- observation of two kids yoga classes
- the opportunity to teach one kids yoga class under supervision with feedback
- (Optional: placement in a non-profit kids yoga class for additional practical experience; this requires a 4-week commitment) 
In addition to the comprehensive Kid Asana training manual, participants will also be equipped with a variety of age-appropriate sample lesson plans; a playlist; handmade props; tons of kid yoga resources; a kids yoga kit consisting of books, a kids yoga card deck; and additional resources to use in class.

Training Modules

General Background (2 hours)
- psychological and physiological developmental stages of toddlers through teenagers
- understanding of the yoga teacher’s relationship with parents and guardians
- awareness of ethical behavior and state and local legal requirements about behavior with and supervision of children
- specific training in the parameters and techniques of ethical touch of children
- basics of ethical language and behavior, both when guardians are present and when they are not
Techniques and Practice (5 hours)
- yoga-based practices appropriate for child development, such as asanas; asana-based movement; yoga-based games and activities; breathing techniques; and chanting
Teaching Methodology (6 hours)
- classroom techniques, lesson plans, and group processing for children’s activities  
- age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class techniques
- effective communication skills (such as songs and stories) for working with children
Yoga Therapy (1 hour)
- yoga for anxiety, depression, and ADHD
- age-appropriate asana and trauma-sensitive techniques
Anatomy and Physiology (1 hour)
- developmental anatomy, physiology, and age-appropriate asana
Yoga Philosophy (1 hour)
- yamas, niyamas, mudras, meditation, pranayama
Practicum (4 hours)
- observing a kids yoga class during both training and practice teaching
- observing a kids yoga class outside training
- teach one supervised kids yoga class with feedback
Saturday, May 6th, 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 7th, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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