Therapeutic Massage

Looking for deep relaxation or pain management due to an injury? A therapeutic massage can be very beneficial for releasing tired, sore or stressed muscles and connective tissues resulting in a happier healthier body and mind.


Meet Minden Barrile

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As a healing practitioner, Minden Barrile genuinely cares about and takes pleasure in working with her clients to help them to feel good in their bodies. A balance of technique and intuition are at the heart of her practice. Working with each person in a highly focused and customized way is how results are achieved. Minden specializes in pain management and employs the various modalities of bodywork that she has learned in her 20 years of professional experience. She is also mindful of people's need to de-stress and therefore enjoys giving a truly relaxing experience through bodywork therapy to facilitate deep states of calm and peacefulness.

Minden is also the founder of Creative Wellness Strategies (CWS). She established CWS to help busy people promote optimal health and believes that people are more productive and creative when engaged in a lifestyle of wellness and mindfulness. More than twenty years of professional experience in the health and wellness industry as a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher and board-certified holistic health coach, and personal experience in dance and music has given Minden a deep understanding of the human mind, body, and spirit and how to live a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life. 


Single 60 min. massage     $110
Single 90 min. massage     $165  
Single 120 min. massage   $220
3 pack 60 min. massages  $300               
5 pack 60 min. massages  $450

Office Hours:

Tuesdays all day,
Wednesdays until 2 p.m.

Other times may be available per request

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Massage Therapy Styles

Swedish massage is the most common and for good reason as it promotes deep relaxation and restoration by relieving muscle tension and assisting greater blood flow, nutrient absorption and detoxification of the soft tissues.
Deep Tissue
Experience profound muscular tension relief through deep tissue therapy. This modality is particularly useful for people suffering from past injuries or chronic muscle tension that needs more detailed focus to break up "knots" or adhesions. 
Sports Massage Therapy is helpful during training, in preventing athletic injury, keeping the body flexible and helping in recovery. Various techniques are used to help stretch tight muscles, increase range of mobility and detox tissues of metabolic wastes for better performance before an athletic event and faster recuperation post event.
Myofascial massage is a gentle and highly effective method which releases restrictions in the myofascial tissue by using superfificial and sustained pressure. This technique is helpful in eliminating chronic pain and restoring range of motion.
Pre and Post Natal
During pregnancy the body goes through many changes which causes an increase in muscular tension, aches, pains, swelling and fatigue. Massage therapy is very effective at bringing relief, rejuvenation and relaxation to the mother-to-be. A special table that allows the woman to lie safely and comfortably belly down is utilized for this special time in a woman's life.
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