Reiki is a form of holistic spiritual healing that alleviates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions, as well as offering patients an overall sense of balance and wellness. Reiki moves and redirects the energy inherently present in our bodies to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and pain, increase energy, boost the immune system, and balance the physical, mental, and emotional states. It connects the divine (Rei) with the universal life force energy (Ki).

emily reiki 2_copyAs a Usui Reiki Master, Emily offers a loving vessel through which this energy can pass. Her sessions include practices and methods from both the Usui and Tibetan traditions. Emily facilitates the restoration of balance and harmony throughout the systems by drawing from both her knowledge and love of traditional Chinese Medicine and her own intuition. Her patients have included, but are not limited to those seeking solutions and alleviation for/of:
  •      anxiety
  •      cancer
  •      depression
  •      sports-related injuries
  •      stress-related physical and psychological conditions
  •      pre-natal Reiki (including distance healing during the delivery process)

Please note that you do not have to be suffering from a specific condition to reap the rewards of Reiki. It is also an effective means of
maintaining and bettering general health, longevity, and emotional, mental, and spiritual states.  

"After twelve years of yoga and many injuries,I came to Emily with rib pain that Western medicine was unable to fix. I had very little experiencewith Reiki and although I understood the principles,
I didn't know what to expect in an actual session. Emily created a comfortable, comforting environment that allowed me to open myself to physical and emotional pain, creating a space where I felt safe to let the energy within me shift to a healthier place. Over several sessions, I moved through negative energy and sparked a greater understanding of myself, both physically and emotionally.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Emily changed my life."

- Erin, client

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Emily also offers the following holistic services:

Yin Yoga and Reiki

As a teacher of Yin yoga and meditation, Emily also offers healing sessions that combine personalized Yin sequences, breathing practices, and reiki. Maximizing healing through some movement, body positioning, and an understanding of how trauma and emotions are stored in the body, Emily thoughtfully leads individuals through a series of poses and accompanies them as various feelings and sensations naturally arise during practice. Emily provides a quiet and accepting space for individuals to mindfully experience connections between sensations in the body, emotions, and thoughts. Her guidance helps clients gain a greater understanding of their experiences and individual habits off the mat in order to create change in their daily lives.

"Emily is a beautiful channel for reiki energy, grounding, and massive support. Her love and care is palpable through her hands, her words, and her presence. Through reiki and yin teaching, Emily is helping me revolutionize my connection to myself." - Laura Ahrens, client

TIMBoemily mindfuness crop

TIMBo facilitates personal growth and can help individuals navigate life’s tensions through a self-compassionate understanding of how we operate in the world and how we can live more peacefully in relationship to others and ourselves. To do this, Emily combines a workbook-based approach, simple yoga movements, breathing, and guided meditation. Offered in person or online.


Learn and practice the foundational elements of mediation, in addition to other techniques that can be easily implemented into daily life for more peace and presence. (Note that Mindfulness trainings can also be combined with reiki sessions.)

To find out more about Emily’s services, pricing, and scheduling, please visit You can also read more about Emily and her approach on our BLOG.

Packages and sliding scale are available..


$90 for 50 minutes

Summer Special!

Enjoy $10 OFF your next 50 minute Reiki session.*
Enjoy $30 OFF your next three 50 minute Reiki sessions.**
(Contact Emily to take advantage of these offers)
*one time offer, 1 session must be booked by 8/31.
**one time offer, 1st session must be booked by 8/31 and all three sessions expire after 3 months.
"Compassionate, gentle, thoughtful; Emily is a true healer. I first met her when I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. We started with reiki; her gentle soul provided calmness in the midst of a horribly stressful time. She helped me to learn visualization techniques that proved to be incredibly useful as I began my grueling road of multiple rounds of chemo and surgeries. She then began to mix Yin yoga in with reiki—a powerful combination. Emily thoughtfully led me through poses and accompanied me through the variety of feelings  that came up during the practice. Her wisdom and grace allowed me to sit still. What a gift. Emily was a huge part of my healing process and opened the door for me to deepen my own yoga and meditation practice. How lucky we are that she has come to CCY. We have so much to learn from her!"

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