Yoga for Healing

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by intense emotions and emotional scars from traumatic events, but struggle to put these feelings into words? There is a gentle method to heal from these events: We can learn to listen to the innate wisdom of the body, express these strong feelings, and expunge past wounds through movement.
Yoga for healing is just that—a process of listening and moving. Together we work to listen, to relearn the signals of stress, anxiety, depression, and panic so that when the body sends a message, it can be acted upon to keep physical and emotional wellbeing in check.

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Embodied healing (the work of linking movement and breath focused on healing specific emotional challenges and healing from past traumas) provides comfort, calm, and clarity when language fails. When we are feeling something we can’t describe through words, our yoga practice can help us access our hurt and vulnerable spaces and signals our nervous system to help our bodies and minds know that we are safe and supported.

Private Sessions
Private sessions with Alexis begin with a few minutes of conversation so that she can get a sense of the types of poses her client should practice to best serve him or her, both in the moment and in the long term. In this one-on-one setting, clients will have the chance to explore their physical and emotional wellbeing in a safe and supported space, and have the right to:
-feel whatever they are feeling, whenever they feel it.
-be in control of their own practice—to move when they need to move, rest when they need to rest, and do what their body and heart are asking for.
-practice free from judgement.
When the session is over, Alexis and her client will talk about how to practice self-care in between sessions—essentially, how to take yoga off of the mat and into a daily routine.
Yoga for emotional healing can be transformational, and can help move you from a place of discomfort to one of ease.

Join Alexis on March 20th in Yoga for Healing: Building a Practice to explore how poses relate to our nervous system so that we can appropriately build energy when we are feeling lethargic or low, and soothe our hearts and minds when anxiety peaks. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so participants will have the opportunity to talk through sequences, try various poses, and reflect on how poses resonate in their own bodies with the goal of building their own personal toolkits. The workshop will conclude with a slow-flow and restorative practice. Register HERE.

Cost: $30 by March 13 / $35 thereafter.

About Alexis

All of Alexis Marbach’s Boston-based classes provide a space where students can be curious and explore their own range of motion, strength, and self-confidence, which empowers them to make healing choices for themselves. As a member of The Breathe Network and Firefly Yoga, Alexis uses a survivor-centered lens to offer yoga as a tool for trauma therapy and an embodied approach to healing. Alexis has worked in the field of sexual and domestic violence prevention and intervention for the past twelve years, and has focused much of her work and studies (including a Masters in Public Health) on community wellbeing and social connection for healing trauma. Alexis received her 200-hour yoga training through YogaWorks in Northern California, and has studied with Kate Graham of Soulful Yoga Therapy, Bo Forbes, Tami Hackbarth, and Michelle Marlahan to integrate her trauma and public health trainings into her yoga practice.

To schedule a session with Alexis, you may contact her at:
or call at 707-703-9751
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