Strength, Stability, Freedom: A Handstand Workshop with Catie Macken and Scoop Slyman

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Catie Macken

From a young age, Catie Macken has loved all forms of movement. She began dancing as a child, found running post-college, and completed her first marathon in 2012. To supplement training, Catie embarked upon indoor cycling in 2011 and began teaching it in 2013.


An injury brought Catie to yoga in 2010. Little did Catie know that just two years later, she would complete her yoga teacher training. Upon obtaining her certification, Catie started teaching in the Twin Cities area part-time. During the next year, her dharma began to unfold. In 2013, Catie moved to Boston to begin a full-time career in fitness. Over the next two years, she established herself as a well-known yoga and cycling instructor. Her teaching contains a calm intensity that inspires her students to tap into their inner strength and her classes are infused with playfulness, gratitude, devotion, and laughter. Her raw authenticity and vibrant personality instantly connect her with her students and peers.


A lover of learning, Catie is constantly seeking out new mentors and pulls inspiration for her teaching from her own personal practice as a student of yoga. Catie spent much of 2016 immersing herself in the AcroYoga community and all of the communication, trust, and physical and mental strength that come with it. She has studied with and under some of the best teachers in the Acro community, and completed her Acro teacher training in Germany in August 2016.


When not in the studio, Catie lives her most inspired life through constant travel, champagne, handstands, and her amazing tribe of friends and family. Follow along on her international adventures: @catiemacken and

Strength, Stability, Freedom: A Handstand Workshop

With Catie Macken and Scoop Slyman

Saturday, October 27th

12:15p.m.- 1:45pm     


Inversions can be intimidating, but through intelligent sequencing and thoughtful instruction, you can gain confidence and overcome your fears. Although this workshop is specific to handstands, your entire inversion practice will benefit from the methods and techniques covered in this workshop.


Catie and Scoop will break down joint and body prep, exiting strategies, and biomechanics. You will practice both partner and solo drills, as well as multiple entry techniques. The workshop will finish with inversion rehab. Don’t miss out on this accessible, safe, and fun-for-all-levels session!  

Pre-requisite: Ability to kick up to the wall with control is recommended.      


Cost: $30 with pre-registration by 10/20 or $35 at the door


All workshops are non-refundable.

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