Life Support: A Core Workshop

This class is taught by:

Rachel Bairstow

Rachel Bairstow began practicing yoga in 2003 as a way to relieve both stress and the boredom of her hackneyed gym routines. When the inner quiet and focus she found on the mat began to trickle into other corners of her life, Rachel knew she had found more than just a form of exercise; she had found a discipline for her spiritually inquisitive mind and a home inside a body which, until then, she had only minimally appreciated.
Rachel began teaching yoga in 2007 and discovered Forrest yoga shortly thereafter. When she trained with Ana Forrest in 2008, Rachel heard her speaking about yoga as a system of healing and living with honesty, strength, and a sense of personal wholeness. As she began to uncover more and more lost or silent parts of herself through Forrest, Rachel knew she wanted to give to others the gifts of this yoga that she herself had reaped.
Rachel believes in all forms of yoga as a powerful tool for connecting to the best parts of ourselves and allowing them to flourish. Students in Rachel’s classes learn to use poses, breathing, and deep meditative focus to become students not only of yoga, but also students of themselves and their lives. Rachel welcomes all levels, all abilities, and all walks of life.
Life Support: A Core Workshop
with Rachel Bairstow
Saturday, January 19 (11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)
Our largely sedentary modern lifestyle has left many of us with a slumping posture, back pain, and chronic injury. A stronger core can help remedy these things. This class will provide you with the tools you need to feel your core engagement and stability,translate that engagement into increasingly complex poses, and allow you to feel how a conscious core connection empowers and supports you on physical, psycho-emotional, and energetic levels.
This fun and sweaty workshop isn’t just about sit-ups and planks: strong and steady connection to your core supports your whole practice. Beginning with simple breathwork and building to arm balances, you will learn to awaken the “sleepy” parts of your core, feel for functional movement, and hold yourself with power and confidence. Here’s the real magic: not only will you walk away from this class feeling stronger and more connected in a physical standpoint—you will also feel stronger and steadier in your life.
So come connect to your core and give yourself a dose of vitality that extends far beyond your mat. All levels welcome.
Cost: $35 / $30 before January 12
All workshops are nonrefundable.

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