Featch-ah Teach-ah: Dawn Keighley

Dawn side bend_copy11. Where are you from and how long have you been in Boston?
I am from Swansea, MA. I've been in Boston for 7 years.

2. What was your first yoga class like?
It was really hard, really hot, and I couldn't even touch my toes. I vowed halfway through class to never do yoga again. However after savasana I felt so good that I couldn't wait to try another class!

3. What’s your favorite pose to teach?
My favorite pose to teach is the arm balance Astavakrasana. I love the story of the sage that this asana was named after, Astavakra, and how his flexibility was demonstrated not via asana but in his ability to embrace challenge.

4. As a practitioner, what pose makes you cringe?
Salamba Sarvangasana - Shoulder stand.

5. Where can we find you when you’re off your mat?
Studying at a local coffee shop, dance class, or on my bike, snowboard or surfboard.

6. What’s your favorite or the most random song on your class playlist right now?
My favorite song on the Urban Beatz playlist is Battle Cry by Angel Haze. The lyrics are so powerful.

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