The Good Goods

The first installment of The Good Goods has arrived!

earth-14353458We hope to use this section of our blog to create awareness about a topic we feel very passionately about: Mother Earth. Many buy into the misconception that they, as individuals, cannot single-handedly improve our world by going green. Unfortunately, this is the thought process that keeps us stagnant; that does not allow fair trade and sustainable companies to take off; and does not foster awareness in our society. As inhabitants of this planet that we lovingly call home, we have the responsibility to protect and serve its best interests. After all, we are borrowing this earth from our children and all of the future generations that follow them! 

We are not suggesting that going green is easy. If it was, our planet would be flourishing, social injustice would be a theory rather than a reality, and love would always prevail. Alas, going green is not that simple. It is hard, challenging work. But, as with all of life, it is usually those things that challenge us that create the most positive changes within us. Just as the wheel was not invented overnight, we do not expect that anyone become an insta-Green Queen or King This is a process, but the sooner we all begin this labor of love, the sooner we will see the fruits of our efforts. Here, we hope to inform, inspire, and demonstrate just how rad going green can be!

In this first installment, our feature brand is:

Soul Flower
is your wardrobe one-stop-shop. Whether you’re a tie-dye fanatic or a mandala enthusiast, Soul Flower has the shirt, pant, short, skirt, headband … well, pretty much anything for you. And the fun doesn’t stop there. We love Soul Flower because they support Mother Earth in a variety of ways: recycled and reused materials, made in the USA, fair trade—Soul Flower does it all. Needless to say, all clothing items are eco-friendly, and many contain organic cotton, recycled fibers, hemp, and bamboo.

You'll find us wearing all of our favorite items from Soul Flower on a regular basis. We can’t getunnamed-1 enough of our favorite Soul Flower accessory, their super soft headbands—each with a different color or mandala. We quickly became fans of their organic men’s and women’s T-shirts with inspiring words and prints, and we imagine you’ll love them too! For the little yogis, Soul Flower has an awesome line just for babies, including some very witty onesies and T-shirts.
All in all, we love this planet, and we love having Soul Flower on our eco-friendly green team! 


Yogi of the Month: Judy Waligunda

Judith Waligunda Basilico

retired physician, internist

Fun fact?
I’ve been the medical director of HealthCare Nepal for the past 16 years.

Favorite yoga pose?
savasana.  I love the feeling at the end of the class to completely relax and just be.

When not on your matt, where can you be found? 
…exploring life

How long have you been practicing and what’s your latest yoga breakthrough? 
I started practicing yoga in September, 2015.  I signed up for your introductory offer, 30 days for $30.  We were having a new roof put on our house that month and I needed to get away from the noise.  I felt relaxed as soon as I walked up to the desk and began to experience the calm, peaceful atmosphere at CCY. I think I went 26 times in 30 days! It was clearly something I needed, and was really working for me. so, I signed up and have been attending regular classes, sampling the wonderful variety of classes you offer.  My latest break through is to be able to do more vinyasa classes every week, feel improvement in my strength and balance. I enjoy the pacing of the classes and the gentle support of the teachers. Yin yoga is still my favorite.

How has yoga impacted my life? 
I’m happier.  I have fewer body aches which I had thought would be with me forever due to aging and sports related injuries in the past.  I am sleeping better. Laughing more. I wish I had seriously taken up yoga twenty or forty years ago.

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