Yogi of the Month: Judy Waligunda

Judith Waligunda Basilico

retired physician, internist

Fun fact?
I’ve been the medical director of HealthCare Nepal for the past 16 years.

Favorite yoga pose?
savasana.  I love the feeling at the end of the class to completely relax and just be.

When not on your matt, where can you be found? 
…exploring life

How long have you been practicing and what’s your latest yoga breakthrough? 
I started practicing yoga in September, 2015.  I signed up for your introductory offer, 30 days for $30.  We were having a new roof put on our house that month and I needed to get away from the noise.  I felt relaxed as soon as I walked up to the desk and began to experience the calm, peaceful atmosphere at CCY. I think I went 26 times in 30 days! It was clearly something I needed, and was really working for me. so, I signed up and have been attending regular classes, sampling the wonderful variety of classes you offer.  My latest break through is to be able to do more vinyasa classes every week, feel improvement in my strength and balance. I enjoy the pacing of the classes and the gentle support of the teachers. Yin yoga is still my favorite.

How has yoga impacted my life? 
I’m happier.  I have fewer body aches which I had thought would be with me forever due to aging and sports related injuries in the past.  I am sleeping better. Laughing more. I wish I had seriously taken up yoga twenty or forty years ago.


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