Yogi of the Month: Eli Fronske

Eli Fronske

I am a 6th Grader at the Upper Devotion School!

Fun fact?
I learned how to surf two years ago at Cisco Beach and got up on my first try! 

Favorite yoga pose?

When not on your matt, where can you be found?
I can be found either in school, on my bike, hanging with friends, reading, drawing or playing video games.

How long have you been practicing and what’s your latest yoga breakthrough?
I have been practicing for 4 years and attending adult classes for the past 2 years. Last summer I had my latest breakthrough when I got into headstand against the wall. 

How has yoga impacted my life?
Yoga has impacted my life cause it makes me better than before I unrolled my mat.

Face Behind The Desk: Joanna Rosenberg

unnamedWhat do you do when not the friendly face behind the desk?
I'm usually hanging with some really lovely young humans (as a nanny) or some really lovely slightly older humans (as a yoga teacher). When I'm not working, I can be found writing, reading, climbing trees, or adventuring with my husband Trev and our cat Margot.

Where are you from and what brought you to Boston?

I grew up in Westford, MA. I went to college first in New York City and then in Amherst, MA, and after chilling in the western part of the state for a couple years after graduation (our backyard was a farm field that led right to the Connecticut River! We had a rope swing) we wanted to try something different, and Boston was calling (:

Fun fact about you?
From the ages of 4-21 I wanted to be an actor, and my first role was at age 5 as Grumpy the Dwarf in a retelling of Snow White.

Latest Yoga breakthrough?

Learning to slow down. Asking for help.

Insiders tip?
CCY is a really good place to come visit if you need a hug, a friend, a place to sit, to move, to laugh, to explore, to meditate, to connect, to love.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being behind the desk?
The hugs, the friends, the sitting, the moving, the laughing, the exploring, the meditating, the connecting, the LOVE.

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