Face Behind the Desk: Rachel Snavely

What do you do when not the friendly face behind the desk? rachel snavely
I just graduated from grad school receiving my MA from Emerson College in Theatre Education. So, recently I was just working on finishing my thesis. However, now I am working on searching for a high school teaching job in Theatre. I have fulfilled many roles in theatre productions and projects such as: playwright, instructor/teacher, director, actor, facilitator, devisor, photographer, stage manager etc. I also love being outside, traveling, photography, crafting, reading, Netflix, immersing myself in live theatre, and snuggling with my cat.

Where are you from and what brought you to Boston?
I am originally from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a small town located in Lancaster County, between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. I came to Boston in the fall after I graduated from undergrad to take the year off and nanny my cousin's twin daughters. I then applied to grad school during this time and started at Emerson the following year.

Fun fact about you?
I am an INFP, which is the rarest of of the Myers-Brigg personality types.

Latest Yoga breakthrough?
Applying my breathing to life outside of the studio when I find myself in anxious moments.

Insiders tip?
Never say you can't. Something you may think you would never be able to do may come to you with ease a year or two down the line. Also--always remember it's not a Yoga perfect, it's a Yoga practice.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being behind the desk?
Meeting all the different kinds of people who come to CCY. Everyone has a story and why they come to Yoga. I love learning more about the students. I also love working with my fellow work study students. Some of them have become some of my closest friends. There are times I am unable to make it to class because of scheduling and life getting in the way, but I always love coming in for my shift because this studio is like home to me and everyone who works here feels like family.


Where are you from and how long have you been in Boston? I was born and raised on the North Shore (of Massachusetts). I spent seven years in Washington, DC and it feels like I moved back to Mass just yesterday, but I’ve been here since June 2015! What was your first yoga class like? I was in college and it was an extremely crowded, heated class. Read More

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