What inspired you to open a yoga studio?unnamed
I got into yoga when I was first pregnant with my son, and after having the baby, realized yoga’s potential for stress management. No matter how tough my day was as a new mom after a good yoga class  I was refueled, reset, and ready for whatever else my day would bring with a new, better attitude. That new, better attitude and frame of mind would also benefit all those around me throughout my day. It’s amazing that an hour on your yoga mat can be so transformational. I decided that a yoga studio needed to exist in Brookline so that other people, just like me, in my community, could benefit from the powerful effects of this practice, and our community would be a better place

Yoga also goes hand in hand with my prior mission to help people through medical science. Yoga has very powerful effects. It connects the mind and the body through movement and breath. Most of us are very disconnected from sensations in our body. Once you tune in though, it’s very hard to tune back out again. You start to listen and you notice what feels good and what doesn’t. This applies to exercise, food, alcohol, caffeine, etc. Once you make friends with your body you want to nurture it and start making decisions that lead to a healthier life style, step-by-step.

I believe in yoga and believe that it will help to make the world a better place, one community at a time.

What makes CCY special?
At Coolidge Corner Yoga, our emphasis is on community and making yoga accessible to everyone in the community. We have students that range from college students to retirees. The atmosphere is welcoming and non-competitive. The instructors are ready to meet the students where they are and help them establish, and continue, a safe and strong yoga practice. We offer mostly vinyasa yoga classes – which focus on movements linked with breath. This style is physically active and helps to build both strength and flexibility. This initially applies to the physical body, but soon the students realize that these same principles can also apply to their thoughts and decisions, and helps to shift their perspective to a more positive one in their day-to-day life.

We also hope that with our business we can give back both to local community and worldwide causes that help make the planet a better place for all beings.  When the intention of the business is to make a difference either one person at a time or by helping bigger causes, it becomes very easy to love your job and make correct business decisions.

Where do you see the studio going over the next four years?
I envision more great workshops both from local and visiting yoga experts. I envision building more continuing education opportunities for yoga teachers and creating a 300 hour teacher training program. We are also excited to bring Coolidge Corner Yoga and our new studio, Sadhana Yoga, together under one combined name and membership package, and really become one studio with two locations….stay tuned!

What's the greatest lesson you've learned from this space and this community?
The more love, energy, and compassion you put into the studio (the business as a whole, the yogi clients, the staff), the more love just pours right back in return. I am always refueled by the classes I teach, while pouring so much energy into them. I am elevated by the daily positive interactions with our yogi clients and with our amazing staff while putting in 150% to keep the studio running smoothly. What you give you always get back so much more.


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