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Where are you from and how long have you been in Boston?
I was born and raised in Mansfield, MA and have been living in Boston for 11 years. I went to both college and graduate school in the city. 


What was your first yoga class like? 

I was 17 and it was at my local gym. The teacher was a fitness instructor, not a yoga teacher. The class was rapid, overwhelming, and contained at least 200 low push ups...Okay maybe not that many, but the class aimed more toward fitness rather than alignment and connection to breath. There were also mirrors on three walls so I couldn't help but check myself out. 


What’s your favorite pose to teach? 

Currently, it's revolved triangle, Parivrtta Trikonasana. A twist meets the side body with some backbend. 


As a practitioner, what pose makes you cringe?
Arm balances! I just can't can't get myself off the floor.


Where can we find you when you’re off your mat? 

 I work full-time as a psychotherapist. Otherwise, you will find me planning my next trip, out in the woods, or snuggling with my furbaby. 


What’s your favorite or the most random song on your class playlist right now?
Tubrine by Hiatus


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