Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.54.49 AMName:
Donna Fitzgerald
Small business owner and founder of a non-profit. 
Fun Fact:
Years ago, the company I was working for sent me to a business conference in Washington D.C., which I thought would be valuable on a professional level, but offered very little in terms of personal satisfaction. But, was I wrong! During the off hours, I met the former boxing champion Muhammad Ali and his friend Howard Bingham. They were very polite and cordial and Ali was actually one of the first celebrities I had ever encountered. From there, we maintained a friendship for many years.
Favorite Yoga pose: 
Triangle (trikonasana), because it’s so challenging for me and I love the way it feels and looks.


How long you have you been practicing and what’s your latest Yoga breakthrough?
10 plus years, but I still consider myself as a beginner.  My latest breakthrough has been discovering the benefits of Yin Yoga, which I find extremely helpful with my relaxation and flexibility.
When you’re not on the mat, where can you be found?
When I’m not practicing Yoga, I’m busy at my office making things happen or working on activities for my non-profit organization.  Other places you can find me are exploring new walking paths with my Siberian Husky Fiona, or going out to the movies and dinner with my partner, my girls, or my friends. I’m also reading new books that were chosen by members of a book club I started years ago.  
How has Yoga impacted your life?
It has made me more present, thoughtful, and more mindful of the joyful moments of everyday life.


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