Top Ten Reasons to Do Yoga Teacher Training: 


1. You love yoga and want to know its secrets.  How come it makes everything better?


2. Yoga teacher training is a process of transformation and self-discovery. You are ready to look at where you have come from and where you are going through a new lens.


3. Because you want to share yoga with others! The tradition of yoga is alive and evolving. Be a part of moving it forward!


4. Because you know there's more to yoga and you want to learn about it. The Yoga Sutras, Eight Limbs of Yoga, yamas and niyamasBhagavad Gitakoshaschakras, Ayurveda, kirtan, and the list goes on.


5. You want to use the tools of yoga to give back to those who are less fortunate than you, and who need more kindness and goodness in their lives.


6. You want to incorporate yoga in your profession (whatever that may be), and are excited to learn and integrate yoga tools in your everyday job. 


7. You love yoga so much that you want to learn how to design your own home practice. 


8. You want to deepen your practice and better understand the alignment of postures (asanas) in your own body, and all the transitions in between.


9. You have always wanted to teach,but you’ve never known specifically which subject. Now that you've found yoga, you have found your subject!


10. You want to make life-changing and life-long bonds with like-minded souls who will love and support you along your path. 





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Hina khan
Hina khan
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Hina khan
Hina khan
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