Occupation: Manager of Coolidge Yoga


Fun Fact: My first yoga class (over a decade ago) was at Sadhana, what is now Coolidge Yoga South End.


Favorite Yoga pose: Ardha Chandrasana, half moon! I love the energetic feeling of all my limbs reaching in energic opposition; I feel a sense of weightlessness. It’s a challenging combination of flexibility, strength and play!


How long you have you been practicing and what’s your latest Yoga breakthrough?

I’ve been practicing since 2006. My hips are very weak and tight. Lately, I’ve found that with scaling back and leveling my hips in a pose like three legged dog or standing split (where I would love to stack my hips and be a half moon!!) I actually find more strength and space. So letting go a little to move forward has been my latest breakthrough on and off the mat.


When you’re not on the mat, where can you be found?

With my favorite being on the planet, my dog, Fred! We love getting outside. I’m also a trained chef and love to cook so I’m often in my kitchen. 


How has Yoga impacted your life?

Yoga began simply as a way to decompress from a stressful career and offset the physical strain of long distance running and being active. Coming full circle I’ve now found a way to make yoga my career and use my practice not only to offset but to compliment the other physical and mental stress we all encounter in our current environment. I’ve always found home and community on my mat wherever life has taken me and always find a sense of grounding in the teachings of yoga on and off the mat.


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