Where are you from and how long have you been in Boston? 

I am originally from Portland, ME but have been in Boston since 2014.  


What was your first yoga class like?

My older sister dragged me to a hot yoga class in 2007 (kicking and screaming) but thank goodness she did. It was love at first tadasana and I have never looked back! I loved the way the practice connected me with my body and made me feel. 


What’s your favorite pose to teach?

Sleeping Swan (it is the yin version of Pigeon). There is such power in slowing down to stillness and being able to look inwards while in an uncomfortable position.  


As a practitioner, what pose makes you cringe?

Sirsasana (headstand)


Where can we find you when you’re off your mat?

Bookstores, coffee shops, or at home :) 


What’s your favorite or the most random song on your class playlist right now?

Human Right by the Strike, puts me in the best mood! 


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